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The ACCESS testing originally scheduled to begin in December 2020 has been postponed. The current window is February 22 through April 30.

On this page you will find current information regarding the ACCESS for ELLs assessment.

Click the link for information about the Alternate ACCESS.

A Brief Description of ACCESS:

Basic ACCESS for ELLs Information

Learn more about the ACCESS test in the following document:

2020 Parent Guide to Results (K-12):

Parent Guide to ACCESS Results

Sample questions:
  • Sample questions, for public viewing, from the new ACCESS test can be found here.

State Level Data:

Learn more about the ACCESS for ELLs test and how MMSD schools are doing at the following DPI website:

Wisconsin WISEDash System

ELL and SwD Supports:

Learn more about appropriate changes to support all learners:

ACCESS for ELLs Decision Tree

ACCESS for ELLs Accommodations

Discussion Points:

Wondering what questions to ask in a meeting or conference? Here are some starting points:

ACCESS Discussion points

Assessment Administration: