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AP Scores will be available online in early July 2019. Students will be emailed information from the College Board (to the email specified on your answer sheet) about accessing your results. More information may be found here: https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/get-scores

Exam Schedules and Location for 2020

Regularly scheduled Advanced Placement exams for 2020 begin Monday, May 4 and conclude Friday, May 15. With the exception of AP Chinese and Japanese exams that require the use of a computer lab, all other regularly scheduled AP exams take place at the Alliant Energy Center's Exhibition Hall at 1919 Alliant Energy Center Way in Madison. Parking is free.

AP Estimated Testing Times by Exam 2019

*AP Chinese and Japanese language exams are only available for enrolled MMSD high school students. Students who register for the AP Chinese or Japanese language exams will be notified of their exam location by email in early April.
** AP Computer Science Principles exam is only available for students who are currently enrolled in an accredited AP CSP course, as half the exam grade is based on in-class work.

2020 AP Exam Schedule

Did You Know?

Testing accommodations present on an IEP or 504 are not applied to Advanced Placement exams. The College Board requires students seeking testing accommodations for AP exams to apply privately for approval before any accommodations may be granted in May. This year's deadline for application for approved accommodations is January 17, 2020. Families may apply after this date, but there is no guarantee the College Board will review late applications in time for administration in May. Additional information regarding this application process may be found here. Your school has a College Board designated Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) coordinator who can assist in the application process. Please contact your school's AP coordinator if you are unsure who to speak to regarding the process.

AP World Language Credits at UW Schools

If you are planning to attend a University of Wisconsin school, please review the school's policy for AP credits before registering for your AP world language exams.  In some cases, you can receive retroactive credit for high school coursework without having to take an AP exam.

From the University of Wisconsin's website:  "In some schools and colleges it is possible to earn retroactive language credits for prior work completed in a foreign language.  Contact the language department to learn more about retroactive credits and to determine which type of credit (AP or retroactive) will best meet your needs."  To go to the UW site, click here

 What Students Should and Should NOT Bring to the Exams

  • Bring a photo ID to the exam. You will not be admitted without one.
  • Bring pens and pencils.
  • Bring a calculator if the exam requires it.
  • Do NOT bring cell phones or any electronic communication devices. You will be expected to turn all such devices in before testing begins.

Who is My School's AP Coordinator?

 Important Information for AP Students, Parents and Teachers

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