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**MMSD is working with the College Board to determine how and when spring AP Exams will be given. As MMSD gets more information, it will be shared with staff and families.

This page contains current information about the changes in the Advanced Placement testing program. Course work and material will continue to be instructor driven within the AP course! See below for more information!

Changes to Advanced Placement Information

Keep checking back to this site -- more information will continue to be added in the next few weeks! Exam registration details are available at

Why the changes?:

The College Board has made changes for several reasons; you can look at the following documents to get more information regarding what and why:

To do NOW:

Students, make certain that you can sign in to your myAP account before school starts!

  • If you have taken an AP test before, you already have an account. Be sure you can log in.

  • If you have never taken an AP exam, you will need to create an account.

  • You can sign in or create an account at: myAP.

New Resources:
  • New this year are an amazing amount of resources for every Advanced Placement course. You will be able to get access to these resources when you get a "join code" from your teacher in September.

Exam Registration timeline:
  • For ALL students: registration for AP tests this year takes place in the fall, not the winter! Your window to sign up for tests will begin on Monday, September 30. The window closes on Friday, October 18. Full registration details and the links to sign up are available at

  • EXCEPTION: If you have a spring semester only AP course, you may sign up for your exams shortly after the start of Semester 2.