General Information

Below are links to provide you with more information about the CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) Screener.

Understanding the Results sheet:

Understanding the CogAT Screener results

Brief description of assessment:

Learn more about the CogAT test in the following document:

CogAT Screener  brief description

Brief guide for parents:

CogAT Screener Parent Guide

  • This brief Parent Guide provides a quick overview of the screener results. (pdf)

Wondering about the CogAT results? Below is a list of frequently asked questions:

CogAT Frequently asked questions

ELL/SwD Decisions:
CogAT English Learner Decisions Gr 2 ELL supports  Gr 5 ELL supports

EL supports: Gr 2 (pdf) EL supports: Gr 5 (pdf)

CogAT Appropriate Accommodations for Students with Disabilities/504 plans

Gr 2 CogAT SwD accommodations   Gr 5 CogAT SwD accommodations

Accommodations: Gr 2 (pdf)

Accommodations: Gr 5 (pdf)

Assessment Administration: