This page is designed to provide those who support assessment in buildings the resources shared at the monthly assessment implementation meetings.

What data and where?
What data and where

These documents will help guide you to answer the following questions: What data do I need? Where do I find it?

How to log in
How to login example

A single page on how to log in to each data site:

Key Reports:

How to find and use key data reports

Frequent Questions:
Frequently Asked Assessment Questions

If you have a question, it is most likely that someone else does as well! These FAQs are sorted by assessment name.

"How To" Video clips:
Video clip example

Short video clips describing how to login and find reports

Data Use & Data Literacy:
Data Use Guide example

Understanding the language of data and protocols how to use it

Data Protocols
Data Protocols

The following protocols can be used for data analysis.

  • Data Analysis Worksheet Template (PDF) or Word.

  • Root Cause Analysis Worksheet Template (PDF) or Word.