The process to approve a new diagnostic assessment has several steps. After determining a potential need and solution, a pilot study is required. Upon completion of the pilot request, the Diagnostic Assessment Committee will either approve of the pilot or provide a rationale what it is not approved. If approved, the pilot results should be returned to the committee within 3 months.

Committee Members, 2020-21:

  • Tim Peterson, Director of Assessment
  • Melanie Salgado, Bilingual School Psychologist
  • Wendy Johnson, School Psychologist Lead
  • Lisa Kirby-Mangas, S/L PST
  • Sara Huse, OMGE PST
  • Renee Ritchie, PST Student Services

New Test/Pilot Request:

If you wish to request a new or updated test, the process begins in this section.

To request approved tests and materials:

Diagnostic Assessment request form

  • Please use this form (a Google form) to request test kits and test protocols. Note that test kits have protocols with them. Only request protocols for kits that you keep and need additional protocols for. Thanks!