This page is designed to provide those who support assessment in buildings the resources shared at the monthly assessment implementation meetings.

Key Reports

A single page on each report and how to generate it on the NWEA site:

    Class report example
  • Class Report: shows RIT score, Lexile range, test duration and goal strand performance for a classroom

  • Grade report example
  • Grade Report: shows student RIT scores, Lexile ranges, test duration, goal strand performance, grade level mean RIT and District grade level RIT scores for a grade level in a school

  • Quadrant graph
  • Quadrant Report: on a graph, shows student scores as a function of their growth and achievement

  • Achievement Status and Growth report
  • Achievement Status and Growth Projection Report: shows student current RIT scores and expected growth

Other Reports:

Finding other useful reports on NWEA's website:

Student Profile example
  • Student Profile: get a complete picture of a student's growth and performance in one interactive report; set goals with students; gain insights into what a student is ready to learn. Sample report with explanation is available.

"How To" Video clips:
Video clip example

Short video clips describing how to find reports

  • Class Report

  • Grade Report

  • Quadrant Report

  • Achievement Status and Growth Projection Report