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Below are links to provide you with more information about the PALS assessment.

How to support your child:

What can you do to help your child improve their reading? The following are monthly activities from PALS:

Image of document: PALS monthly activities

Family Communication:

Fall 2016

Image of document: PALS Family letter

  • PALS family letter in English (pdf)
Brief Description of Assessment:

Learn more about the PALS assessment in the following document:

Image of Brief Description of PALS document

ELL/SwD Supports:
PALS supports and accommodations are the same for both ELL students and students with IEPs/504 plans.

Image of document: PALS Accommodations

Image of document: PALS accommodations

Discussion points:

Wondering what questions to ask in a meeting or conference? Here are some starting points:

Image of document: PALS Discussion points

Using the results:

These Guides are designed for use by teachers, but are available for anyone interested.

Assessment Administration: