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Below are links to pages that will provide families with more information about the results from specific tests.

What do "Proficiency levels" mean?:
  • Advanced: Students are able to demonstrate that they not only know what is expected at that grade level, but that they can also demonstrate a deeper understanding of the content.
  • Proficient: Students are able to demonstrate that they know what they are expected to know at that grade level.
  • Basic: Students are able to show some of the knowledge and skills, but not consistently or to the level that is expected at that grade level.
  • Minimal or Below Basic: Students are unable to consistently show the knowledge and skills that are expected at that grade level.

State Level Data:

Learn more about how MMSD schools are doing at the following DPI website:

Wisconsin WISEDash System

Wisconsin Forward Exam:
  • The Wisconsin Forward Exam
  • Given to students in grades 3-8 and 10
  • Content areas being tested:
    • Grades 3,5,6,and 7: English Language Arts and Mathematics
    • Grades 4 and 8: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies
    • Grade 10: Social Studies

Aspire, Spring 2018: