The Department of Public Instruction requires the Forward Exam for grades 3-8 and 10 (Social Studies only).

**Due to the school closures for COVID-19, DPI has determined that it will not be possible to give state assessments during the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. The state has also received a federal waiver for federal testing requirements for this year.

This means that the Wisconsin Forward Exam will not be given this year.

For questions regarding MMSD, please email Tim Peterson, Director of Assessment at


Wisconsin Forward

2020 Family Communications:

The following letter will be sent to families:

Wisconsin Forward Exam Family letter

Wisconsin Forward Exam brochure

  • Family information on the Wisconsin Forward Exam in English (pdf) from DPI.

  • Family information on the Wisconsin Forward Exam en Español (pdf) from DPI.

  • Family information on the Wisconsin Forward Exam lus hmoob (pdf) from DPI.

ELL and SwD Decisions:

Learn more about appropriate changes to support all learners:

Accommodations and Supports for Forward Exam

2018 Accommodations and supports Guide for the Forward Exam

WI Forward Exam accommodations graphic

  • A graphic (pdf) showing Universal access tools, Designated support tools, and Accommodations for the Forward Exam. Even though the graphic says "2017", there have been no changes since then.
Practice/Preview Information:

Screenshot image of the Forward Test demo site

  • Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) -- the test vendor -- has made available a basic, an online demo of their assessment platform. Click this "All Online Item Sample" link to use the site. This works best when using Chrome or Firefox browsers. It will not work in Explorer. This is designed to demonstrate features of the test, not specific question types for Wisconsin.
State Level Data:

Learn more about the Wisconsin Forward test and how MMSD schools are doing at the DPI's WISEDash website:

Wisconsin WISEDash System

Brief Description:

Learn more about the Wisconsin Forward test in the following document:

Wisconsin Forward Exam Information

What the Student Report says:

How to read the student reports that families receive.

DPI: What is an ISR?

ISR in Spanish

More about scores:
Test scores are placed into specific proficiency bands (or groups). These four bands are given names: Advanced, Proficient, Basic, and Below Basic. The scores within each band are different for each grade level.

Image of Proficiency Band information document

Assessment Coordinator Information:
  • Specific information regarding the Wisconsin Forward Exam test administration (requires MMSD Staff password)